Two Legendary Heroes Coming to Troy: A Total War Saga

SEGA  and Creative Assembly have announced that a new DLC is coming to Troy: A Total War Saga on Tuesday, December 14, 2021. The DLC will feature a pair of legendary heroes who will come along to save the city of Troy. Rhesus, the Thracian King, and Memnon, King of Aethiopia, will be arriving with the DLC that will also feature unique campaign mechanics, “devastating hero and unit abilities, and 49 new troop choices.


Mighty Rhesus is a driven and relentless commander who hails from the deep-forested valleys of Thrace, home to countless warrior tribes and fearsome primordial gods. His armies rely on strong early engagements, decisive charges, and his units fight predominantly without shields; however, they have good chargers, good armor piercing, and excellent morale.

Campaign mechanics:

  • Countless Host: Rhesus must seek out and unite the various inter-warring Thracian tribes and unite them under one banner. Doing so unlocks the summoning of powerful host armies to ravage the land of eternal enemies.
  • Thracian Rituals: Blessed with immense religious powers, Rhesus enacts to please the old cults of Thrace. These grant a variety of bonuses, including access to elite units, settlement bonuses, and army buffs.


Warrior-king, Memnon, is a distant cousin of princes Paris & Hector and leads the mighty multicultural armies of Aethiopia, a vassal state of Pharaonic Egypt. He is known for a battle prowess akin to that of courageous Achilles, and his roster consists of quick, lightly armored warriors that have the tools to stay engaged in battle, while each culture within his roster provides powerful strategic advantages.

Campaign mechanics:

  • Horde: Memnon seeks but one thing – to raze every inch of Achaea. Therefore, his military expedition cannot inhabit settlements but can take advantage of War Spoils to further power his war efforts in defense of Troy.
  • Pharoah’s Servant: Memnon relies on the influence and wealth of his Pharoah to reinforce his ranks with soldiers from far-off lands. He must enact Royal Decrees to unlock units from each of the four regions: Aethiopia, Egypt, Canaan, Susa.
  • Resourceful Strategist: Memnon does not have access to Spy, Envoy, or Priestess Agents to aid his war efforts. Instead, his prestige attracts camp followers to bolster his armies or grant him special actions before the battle.

The DLC retails for $9.99 and can be preordered or wishlisted on Steam.

Check out the Troy: A Total War Saga official site for more information.

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