Two New Legendary Critters Arrive in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Last week marked the debut of the Naturalist Frontier Pursuit in Red Dead Online. Naturalists, as the name implies, are experts in the game‘s fauna and are charged by one of two NPCs to head out into the wilderness to hunt down samples or to kill a number of Legendary Creatures. This week, Rockstar has added a pair of new Legendary Creatures for intrepid Naturalists to hunt down and bring home for big prizes.

The Legendary Teca Gator resides in the Kamassa River and is generally found during rainy or stormy weather. The Legendary Sun Gator is found in the Lannahechee River and is most often seen in murky, shallow waters. It probably goes without saying that Naturalists or other hunter types should approach these two critters with care.

Rewards for hunting down these two will net Legendary Alligator Samples and Skin Sales earn 50% XP and payout bonuses through August 10th. Those who take out the Teca Gator will bring home a special colorway of the O’Quinn Hat. The Sun Gator nets a special colorway of the Helsby Gloves. Other items available for turning in the hides of these Legendary creatures include the ability for Gus to craft the Teca Coat and Sun Coat, and the Alligator variant of the Improved Bow.

Other components of this week’s update include:

  • new clothing items in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue
  • 30% off the cost of all Horses, Pistols, Tents, Camp Flags, and Camp Themes
  • a variety of Naturalist bonuses
  • new Twitch Prime rewards

Check out the Red Dead Online official site to learn more.

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