Two new maps added to Battlefield V in latest patch

Battlefield V

The v4.4 update has been deployed to Battlefield V. In addition to the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements, DICE has added a pair of new maps to the game: Lofoten Islands and Provence. Both will only be playable in Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch.

In addition to the two new maps, there are two new weapons are available: the Breda M1935 PG and the Panzerbusche 39. Players can unlock both through the completion of a number of challenges over the course of a week.

A balance pass has been deployed for Sniper Rifles and with regard to the recoil applied to SMGs. “Relative to the SMG’s specifically, we’ve switched out some of the Specialisations on Weapons which we believe would benefit from an alternative option. In these cases, you should find that your SMG’s may require a repec so double check your loadouts before deploying!”

For those looking to explode max rank, look no further than the patch that takes the max rank level cap from 50 to 500!

Those who’ve been experiencing “stuttering” issues, there should be a notable decrease. Stability should be better too through a number of fixes and improvements.

Lastly, players are warned that today’s update is larger than usual due to changes in the file storage system. “this change requires us to redeliver these files to you with this update, and so you will find that this update is larger than expected. On PC, you may find that Origin will have a longer than normal ‘Preparing’ phase, potentially as long as one hour. Players who are not restricted by Data Caps with your Internet Service Provider, and who benefit from fast download speeds may find it faster to uninstall, and reinstall the game with this update.”

You can check out the full patch notes by visiting the Battlefield V official site.

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