Two Point Campus Lessons Start In May

Sega is heading back to the books with new educational adventure Two Point Campus.

Prepare for study hall and try not to catch book worms when Sega launches Two Point Campus on 17 May 2022. The second mainline entry in the Two Point universe, this new management sim is set to open its doors to students on PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass, Playstation4, and PlayStation 5 from the first day of term, while Nintendo Switch owners will be able to do some extra catch up later in the year. Pre orders are already open across relevant storefronts, but you probably want to know what the curriculum for this new two Point title includes?

Two Point Campus is more than just another DLC for the Two Point Hospital. Instead, players picking a place on the Two Point Campus will be able to build and manage a place of esteemed learning for potential students. Starting from the ground up, you will craft classrooms, layout laboratories, and erect housing for the normal daytime activities. While learning, visitors to Two Point will be able to enroll in plenty of weird and wonderful courses, such as Gastronomy, where they will learn how to make oversized culinary delights. More technologically minded students can take up Robotics classes, where science, teachers, and students come together to build giant robots. Assuming these robots don’t go on a rampage and turn the management title into a Mech City Brawl, you’ll get to build a work-life balance for students, adding sports facilities, nightclubs, and other extracurricular activities that encourage these cash cows to explore the best days of their life as you attempt to keep them happy.

Taking the playstyle and aesthetic of Two Point Hospital and expanding it into a new industry, Sega’s latest management sim is likely to be just as successful as its medical experiment. Even better, anybody sold on the idea of a return to college life can grab in-game bonus items by pre-ordering. Sega is offering up a U-shaped ‘Topiary’, a ‘Fountain of Knowledge’, and your very own ‘Pearl of Wisdom’ when the game launches. Owners of Two Point Hospital will also grab in-game items, including a Varsity jacket and a suit of armor. You can check out the trailer for Two Point Campus above and find out more about this course over on the official website.

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