Two Point Hospital going Off the Grid next week

No, no. Don’t panic. Two Point Hospital isn’t going anywhere but it IS expanding according to a new announcement from SEGA. On March 18th, PC players will be able to head into the new Steam-only “Off the Grid” expansion for $8.99. Players can preorder/purchase the expansion for 10% off through March 25th. New players can purchase the “Complete Your Set” bundle which includes the base game and all previous DLC. This deal is available through March 13th and is 10% off through that date. From March 18th forward, players can purchase the “Exhibition Pack” that includes 30 new in-game items.

Residents have told the town mayor that they are concerned with the environment. As a result, Ms. Windsock has founded the “Department of Green Things” in an effort to win voters to her side.

Players will be able to explore three beefy new areas, each with its own unique characteristics. Along the way, budding researchers will examing 35 new illnesses “like Green Fingers and Root Snoot”. As players “garden to treat the region’s most herbaceous afflictions”, they’ll find a new place in Windsock City, a brand new eco-city that will require green energy to maintain itself.

Check out the launch trailer and the Two Point Hospital Steam page to learn more.

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