Two Point Hospital – First Gameplay Moments Spotted in New “Vision” Trailer


Two Point Studios has pushed out a new “vision trailer” for Two Point Hospital, its forthcoming game. Included in the discussion about the inspirations for the game, a few choice nuggets of gameplay are shown.

In addition to seeing the game in action for the first time, you’ll also learn how the devs came up with wacky ideas for “visual illnesses”. You’ll also see how they take those ideas and bring them straight into the game.

The new game comes from the creators of Theme Hospital, it sets out to return to “one of gaming’s most beloved sim genres”.  You can expect to find all the humor, charm and replayability of the predecessor.

Two Point Hospital

From the official website:

It’s your hospital! Build it the way you like it, with specialist treatment rooms aplenty. Lay out and spruce up your rooms and design the optimal place to definitely not die.

While you’re here for your check up, why not sign up for Hospital Pass?

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Read more about Two Point Hospital and wishlist us on Steam!

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