Ubisoft has Acquires Smash Bro-like “Brawlhalla” Dev Studio Blue Mammoth Games

Ubisoft has acquired yet another dev studio in the form of Brawlhalla Developer “Blue Mammoth Games.”  Brawlhalla is an up-and-coming free-to-play platform fighter similar to Nintendo’s own Smash Brothers series.  Released on October 17th, 2017, the game has a very modest following with extremely good reviews on steam, making it a huge hit on the steam platform, and the Playstation 4.  Ubisoft apparently wanted in on that action so they bought the company.

Ubisoft announced today its aquisition of Brawlhalla and the developer Blue Mammoth.  Blue Mammoth brings it’s crew of 21 based out of Atlanta, to the Ubisoft team.  Ubisoft claimed in the announcement that Brawlhalla was the most played fighting game on steam, among the “top free-to-play games on the PS4.”  Due to it’s genre of gameplay, you can see that Ubisoft wanted in on the action from an E-Sports standpoint, possibly to fight Smash Bros. in the future?

You can read the press release notice here for more details.

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