Ubisoft Introduces Hyper Scape Lab

The developers from Ubisoft have taken to the official site to reveal the Hyper Scape Lab. Following the previous communication, the development team is now structured into different dev “cells”. Each of these cells is focused on developing major changes and new features so that they can be introduced to the game as quickly as possible.

The current cells are Combat Comfort, Onboarding, Game Modes, Player Goals, Crossplay and the World. Enter the Hyper Scape Lab with Senior Producer Graeme Jennings and Creative Director JC Guyot as they break down how Ubisoft will be rolling out new updates over the coming months to bring major changes to the game.

While no specific cell takes on the game balance, the team still holds it in high regard:

“Our current mindset when it comes to buffing vs. nerfing is to bring under-performing weapons up to the level of the others rather than nerfing the strong ones down. We are also progressively increasing the shooting comfort across the board to help more players enjoy the game, while preserving the fast pace of the game or its vertical navigation as much as possible.”

Making the game more accessible and friendlier for new players is a necessity for Hyper Scape, and all players will benefit from it in the long run.

Check out the official site to find out more.

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