Ubisoft Introduces XDefiant, a F2P Multiplayer Shooter

Ubisoft seems to be ready to take on Blizzard’s Overwatch with a new free-to-play team-based shooter called XDefiant. The game will feature 6v6 matches with characters drawn from all of the Tom Clancy games. According to the announcement, the first beta experience is slated for August 5th. Players are invited to stop by the new site to register for an opportunity to be chosen to test the game. Eligible platforms include PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Player characters are called “Defiants” and each will be fully customizable. Players will be able to select a faction, traits, abilities, and ultras. Factions include Wolves, Outcasts, Cleaners, and Echelon and there is a plan to add even more as the game progresses. In addition, primary and secondary weapons are customized through the choice of weapons, attachments, and “a device to complete your loadout”. Everything can be tweaked on the fly to adapt to battlefield circumstances.

The game will feature a number of maps and game modes that include Domination and Escort. Maps will see players traveling through iconic locations. According to the developers, this means that “no two matches will feel the same”.

Check out the XDefiant official site to learn more and to register for beta testing opportunities.x

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