Ubisoft Releases Anno 1800 Accolades Trailer

In anticipation of the release of Ubisoft’s newest entry into the city-building genre, Anno 1800, an accolades trailer has been released, highlighting the high praise received from a broad selection of game reviewers. Anno 1800 is the latest of the successful Anno franchise and is developed by Ubisoft’s German studio, Blue Byte, and is not their first installment into the franchise. As one of Ubisoft’s experienced studios, Blue Byte has worked in a number of their other largely recognized franchises and can lay claim to such titles as For Honor, Rainbow Six: Siege, and The Settlers as well as the well-received Anno 2205.

This particular installment of the long-lived Anno franchise takes place during the Industrial Revolution and allows you to experience the creation and upkeep of a city within a civilization of that timeframe and promises to have greater depth than their previous Anno entry with new features such as “blueprints” that allow players to plan out their city and structures before actually committing to them. Let’s not forget the stunning visuals and in-depth framework, or the fact that the choices you make to advance your city, or yourself, will inevitably affect your end result.

The video itself contains various gameplay clips and cinematics that are sure to impress while presenting the numerous accolades it has earned. Here, take a look:

Anno 1800 releases April 16, 2019 for PC and can be purchased from the Ubisoft Store or from the Epic Games Store, and comes in both a standard and deluxe edition. For more information please visit the official Anno 1800 website.

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