Ubisoft’s The Settlers is Getting Delayed

Ubisoft's The Settlers is Getting Delayed

Developer and publisher Ubisoft took to the official Twitter to reveal that real-time strategy The Settlers is getting delayed after the recent Closed Beta provided valuable feedback that the game’s quality is not yet in line with the team’s vision.

“The additional time will be used to further improve the game and push quality as our main priority for all our players. We will keep you updated in due time and give you more details on the next milestones for The Settlers”.

A group of settlers fleeing from a military coup on their home island embark on a journey in an inviting, believable and living medieval fantasy world to find a new home and the promised land of their ancestors. Settle on and explore new islands, make allies and fight against ruthless bandits that try spread control over many islands.

According to the developers, the latest entry into the series will be staying true to its almost 30 years legacy. The game will give players an option to choose among 3 unique factions – the Elari, the Maru and the Jorn – and conquer the whole-new world. Each faction has a unique look and play style with one faction-specific military unit and their own background story.

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