UK Army Esports Are A Thing Now

CALL OF DUTY cod uk army esports

Uk Army esports are apparently getting a boost now as the UK Army might be set to give e-sports an official sport status.

A review is currently underway within the UK military that might very well give gamers serving in the Ary the option of taking e-sports to the next level. The review will potentially grant top tier video gaming the status of a full sport within the organization, giving it the right to organize and apply for full funding. Just like traditional sports ball, this would allow gamers to train and take on other teams across the community, as well as the RAF’s existing e-sports associations.

Suffice to say, the tabloid headlines have been less than kind to the idea here in the UK, with opening salvos playing on it as a waste of public cash. The RAF, as we’ve hinted, already has an e-sports team and they’ve proven to e a great PR opportunity if nothing else, allowing this wing of the military to compete at Insomnia gaming festival and raise thousands for charity while streaming. Surely, with fewer boots on the ground troops familiar with more than a ball and stick makes sense?

Despite the tabloid response, the review is ongoing and may see the UK Army get its own esports team, similar to the US Army’s own U.S. Army Esports. The next time you step into Call of Duty, don’t expect 10-year-old Kevin to be kicking down the door, it could be the real deal after all.


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