Umihara Kawase Fresh! Recipe For Success Jumps onto Nintendo Switch

Umihara Kawase Fresh!

Over in Japan, Food Wars are a little different to the great British Bake Off. If you’ve seen the nearest anime equivalent then you’ll know what I mean. Now, Nintendo Switch owners get to take their foodie adventures on the go when Umihara Kawase Fresh! Arrives on Nintendo Switch 9 July 2019.

Umihara Kawase Fresh! Is the latest in a series of action platformers in the Umihara Kawase franchise that stars a cute sushi chef. Lost in a strange world, these games are defined by their mix of tranquil landscapes, sea creatures, and rope physics that allow the protagonist to traverse the land. In Umihara Kawase Fresh!, our main character, named Kawase, must once again set out on an adventure and is joined by two new additions. In this edition of the platformer, players can also control Cotton from the scrolling shooter Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams and an unannounced individual. As well as a new pair of comrades, Umihara Kawase Fresh! Introduces an open world to grapple with, where players can complete a range of quests and uncover the secrets of the town of Kingness.

As players uncover new areas in Umihara Kawase Fresh!, they can use Kawase’s fishing lure to collect over 50 unique enemies and gather ingredients, stashing them away in a magical backpack. Combining these collectibles in the right order will cook up a range of consumables that dish out special abilities such as jumping higher and swimming deeper underwater.

Umihara Kawase Fresh! Is an undeniably cute platformer that looks like it will appeal to anybody looking for a new flavor of platformer. Publisher Nicalis and developer Studio Saizensen have confirmed that Umihara Kawase Fresh! Will reach Western shores on 9 July and your bill will total $39.99 (MSRP). North American diners will be able to get their hands on a physical copy, while the Nintendo eShop will carry Umihara Kawase Fresh! For NA and EU regions. We don’t have any hint of a physical release for EU players yet but you can keep an eye on the official  Nicalis website for more information.

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