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Uncle Iroh Comes to SMITE to Share Some Wisdom

Uncle Iroh Comes to SMITE to Share Some Wisdom

Hi-Rez Studios has taken to Twitter to reveal that SMITE’s Avatar-themed skins are getting a new addition, and what an addition that is! Uncle Iroh is making his way to the battleground of gods as a skin for Bacchus. Are you ready to take in his experience and wisdom?

Previously the company introduced Merlin Aang, Zuko Susano, and Korra Skadi as well as Azula Pele. Now that calls for some ass-kicking family reunion!

Additionally, the developers have shared the Titan of Cosmos Atlas Cinematic.

“I control the heavens above. I wield their strength, and I will use this strength to bring forth a better future!” Atlas, Titan of the Cosmos, is coming to the battleground this December!

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