Underworld Ascendant New Vid Doc talks Immersion

Otherside Entertainment released a new developer diary discussing the importance of immersion in their upcoming title Underworld Ascendant. Paul Neurath, Warren Spector, and Joe Fielder discuss designing a game that is an inch wide but miles deep. The team highlights how they are working and hoping to move the genre forward by creating new and innovative ways to pull players into the world. Check out the video above or head over to Steam for more information on the project.

About Underworld Ascendant:

Underworld Ascendant is an action RPG that focuses on giving players the maximum amount of choice. Set in a deeply immersive world, Ascendant offers players multiple ways to explore, traverse and engage the world around them. Set in the Ultima Underworld universe, this latest title from the minds of Paul Neurath and Warren Spector explores what it means to create an immersive world full of potential.

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