Undying Adds New Game Modes in Latest Update

Vanimals and Skystone Games have announced that a massive new update has been deployed to Undying. The patch has been released for both the Steam and the Epic Games Store editions and brings players a host of new content to explore as well as a pair of new game modes to try out.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Survival Mode is unlocked after players complete Day 30. This offers players a new way to experience the game that deemphasizes the story and focuses mostly on survival. If the characters die, it’s game over. The challenge is to see how far players can go.
  • Zombie Hordes offers players a new mechanic that challenges players to find a way out rather than a way to fight the masses of zombies.
  • The main characters’ story has evolved in the update and there’s a broad hint that players will want to head to the Farm and the Survivor’s Camp to check it out.
  • Low-end device improvements

The game mixes the survival genre with a full narrative story in a unique story of a family. Through skills, crafting, and fighting back zombies, you need to reach safety before Anling’s infection takes over. Mixed with visions of the past and dark dreams, Anling must pass on a mother’s knowledge to her son and give him a future in the darkness.

Check out the Undying official site to learn more.

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