Unrailed! is on track to Early Access this Summer

Fans of trains should take note, Daedalic Entertainment has just announced its latest entry, Unrailed!. This Railroad building Sim sets players on the task of getting an unstoppable train safely through a network of maps. Gameplay will feature both co-operative and competitive online/local play and takes place across procedurally generated landscapes. Every new map brings its own set of obstacles, geographical oddities and crazy locals for players to overcome.

The game will feature a variety of modes to explore and play for two to four players. With a push on replayability, Unrailed! offers players a variety of difficulties, random encounters and challenging modes to explore. An early access version of Unrailed! will be available this summer for PC gamers. For those causally in the Leipzig Feb. 15-17 and headed to DreamHack 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to try it out. Be sure to check out the latest trailer below and for more information on Unrailed!    

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