Unrailed! On Track For Early Access Release Today

Unrailed! Is about to pull out of the station today. After building up a good head of Steam, the title enters Early Access today on PC.

If you choo-choose to take to the tracks and hop on board Early Access, Unrailed! is a mix of multiplayer mayhem, fast wits, and chaotic building. While the industrial revolution made some careful considerations around the application of labor, this particular title is a little more fly by the seat of your pants.

Running To Plan

Players picking up Unrailed! can join up to four of their friends as they plan, scheme, and generally build in a panic all in the name of keeping the trains running on time. Using a range of tools across a variety of gameplay modes, players must keep on building to make sure each train reaches its destination. A range of terrain awaits from snowy mountains to lava encrusted wastelands. It all seems a little more challenging than the West Coast Mainline.

To get through these new horizons, players must plan ahead, cut down trees and rocks, lay down tracks to avoid hazards, upgrade your train with new wagons, and fend off any creature that gets in your way. Players will need to build swiftly, however, because once the train leaves the station it won’t wait for a finished track. Timetables are everything!

Players will be able to jump into at least three playable modes on Early Access, including:

  • Endless mode: Unlimited challenges with a mix of difficulty settings and wagon upgrades.
  • Co-op multiplayer: Play online or locally with the co-op for up to four players.
  • Competitive multiplayer: Lay tracks in teams of two against real human opponents — who will get their train to the station first?

If you think that you can get the trains to run on time, that uncontrollable wildlife and a never-ending struggle to fend off the elements is nothing then this might be for you. Unrailed! looks like the same sort of manic fun that Overcooked managed, with a brand new twist. Check Unrailed! on the Steam Early Access page now.

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