Phat Loot Studios Demonstrated Untamed Isles – A Monster Taming MMORPG

Developer Phat Loot Studios shared the special teaser trailer to introduce players to Untamed Isles, a monster-taming open-world MMORPG coming to Early Access later in 2022. When you find yourself on an isle of unlimited possibilities, which path will you choose?

The Untamed Isles will let the adventurers follow their own calling and choose what they want to be. Whether you want to explore the isles with other pathfinders, build the perfect tame or cement your legacy as the ultimate battler, the game has it all and more.

The developers promise that most tamers will never meet the same tame twice: every base tame has 7 different body parts that can be mixed and matched with others as well as 15 unique moods with different perks and aesthetics.

Check out the Steam page of the game to find out more or wishlist!

Untamed Isles – Key Features:

  • Explore open-world isles: The isles are full of rich experiences that are constantly evolving. The unique weather system means tame encounters are adjusted based on the weather, time of day, and season. The Isles are continuously expanding, with new islands rising from the ocean, each of which will have its own mysteries and stories to conquer.
  • Master your craft: Grow your reputation and unlock exclusive items through professions. Become a master at fishing, fruit catching, rune charging, and bug catching.
  • Combat: Real-time combat never felt so good. Set yourself up for success with turn-based combat and master your strategy.
  • Harness the power of crystals: Tamer, meet crystals. Crystals are one of your best friends in the world of Untamed Isles. Crystals are used to befriend tames and represent your tames while you travel.
  • Better together: Join forces with friends, complete dungeons together, and battle tames all aided by our proximity voice chat.
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