Untitled Goose Game Review

The Game That Makes You Literally Feel Like A Silly Goose!
User Rating: 9.6
Untitled Goose Game Review

Earlier this month I was minding my own business, being bedazzled by the brilliant animations of a triple A, ARPG along with some up and coming space adventure titles then next minute an annoying, honking goose in the simplest and subdued artistic designs showed up wherever I laid my social-media fascinated gaming eyes. What on earth was this little critter and why is it taking over everything I scroll? I had to know and this is what I found in our Untitled Goose Game on PC.

So as I was saying, there I was just going about my usual new game hype day, week and month when out of nowhere it started honking as I’ve never seen my online feeds honk before! Have you ever met a goose in real life? Those little charmers are loud and obnoxious, wow did the small team from Australia, House-House capture the almighty goose perfectly! From its not so graceful waddle all the way down to the way it lowers its head and neck, pivots and flaps its wings. Untitled Goose Game had me captivated from the beginning because it’s also balanced with clumsy mechanics and whimsical unfinished touches reminding you not to take yourself or this game too seriously.

The game progression itself is fairly straight forward if you like to-do lists you’ll like the checklist given to make sure you complete the tasks in each section of this small, quaint pastoral town. Without a clue of what was going on when I first started, I quickly discovered that Untitled Goose Game is a bit like pick-up-sticks. Did you ever play that as a kid? We had long thin sticks in our classroom and spent many rainy lunch hours trying to take apart a pile of sticks. To succeed you needed to watch not only both ends of your stick but every stick it’s touching to make sure no others moved as you extract the stick you’re focused on. This is what Untitled Goose Game feels like as you try to move items without being detected then have to reverse psychology your next move to make sure you are seen at just the right time creating the perfect distance before you take off and get what you need.

Yes Untitled Goose Game can be frustrating mainly because it seems so simple yet somehow it isn’t, what is super-cool about it is that this game feels like a good time spent whenever you are playing it, no matter your mood. The goose (whom I named Silly) is just so darn mischievous you can’t help but relax and take a load off after a while of playing it. Completing the game makes this Epic Store title seem short but then you realize you can keep going, complete more difficult tasks, take part in speed runs then take the opportunity to go back and wreak more havoc in places you may have already been.

After just an hour of playing you can’t help but feel like the best goose in town approaching each new task with a “just do, ask later” kind of attitude, in fact you become more and more rebellious thinking of ways to create as much chaos as possible because that’s exactly what a  goose would do leading to some entertaining encounters you can’t help but honk at! I should also warn you that you will honk 1000 times more than you intended when you began because (yes, you guessed it) that’s what a goose would do! Developers, House House took a personal joke between friends and gave the gaming world permission to have more mischievous moments in our games and I 100% get why Untitled Goose Game is a fan-favorite out there that continues to honk all over my social media feeds!

Note: Our copy was reviewed on the Epic Games Store with a code provided by PR.

Untitled Goose Game is a stealth game lovers dream disguised as a charming adventure game. Designed to be pesky in every possible way the mechanics are simple enough for all ages yet the objectives keep even the most thrill-seeking seasoned gamers intrigued. The only gripe I have is the in-game camera does not pan or zoom in enough. Whether you are looking for another adventure or are curious like I was why this game is so popular Untitled Goose Game  brings out the mischievous side in all of us encouraging the most honking good times!
  • Simple but intricate and engaging
  • A honking good time
  • Perfect game for the whole family
  • The Goose is everything!
  • Camera not able to pan fluidly

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