Unturned Raises The New Elver DLC Next Month

Unturned, the cartoonish zombie survival sim from 505 games, is about to raise some new hell when the Elver

Shuffling out onto Xbox One and PS4 next month, the new DLC for open-world zombie sim Unturned is set to add a whole bunch of new content for fans of this rather different survival experience. Adding a new fictional setting, one that is probably entirely unlike 505’s expansive Death Stranding title, the new DLC for Unturned presents plenty of new locations for players to go zombie hunting. The new map takes inspiration from Eastern Europe and includes enough resources to create equipment such as horde beacons and gasmasks, allowing construction of high tier gear that would otherwise be looted from a military base.

In addition to the new construction capabilities, players will likely find TVs with static strewn around this new map, which marks the presence of hidden ranger crates containing unique weapons and items. If the imminent presence of a zombie horde has long term survivalists looking for a safe haven, then the Elver map has separate areas dedicated for base building within a dense forest surrounding the only lootable location on the map.

If you’re not quite sure what to expect then check out the trailer above. Seeming to intertwine the cartoon cubic presentation of voxel titles with the brutality of a more mature zombie encounter, Unturned forces players to hunt down supplies, remain radioactive, and work with other individuals to stay alive. If you’re still intrigued, you’ll be happy to know that Unturned is part of Xbox’ Free Play Days line up which launched August 5th. Players who fancy their chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse can download and play the game for free with their friends until August 8th.

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