Upcoming PS5 Games for 2021 and Beyond

Battlefield 2042 Delayed to November 19, 2021

If your gaming routine has gotten a little bit boring and mundane lately, looking forward to some new game releases is always a way to motivate and incentivize your gaming time to be consistent. Within this gaming compilation, we have provided some of the most anticipated releases to come out in the next upcoming weeks. All you need to do is wait, and be ready to go buy them when they are officially on the market for release. Bide your time, and read up on what is coming soon to a PS5 near you!

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Battlefield 2042

The first game that is anticipated by many, is the Battlefield 2042 edition. The next installment on our list to add has multiplier-only features. In addition to this, you should expect a 128-player conquest and Breakthrough mode that is available in warfare optimum. The dynamic of this game will have you traveling across the globe with changing climate conditions that will accompany you on your quests and challenges. You will need to adapt fast if you hope to live and succeed. This game is released today, October 22. What are you waiting for?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The next game that many are looking forward to, is the Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel. Released on October 26, you have a couple of days to wait yet. You will be playing as the Star-Lord himself, commanding the Guardians in Battle. While the game has a beginning and an end, the way in which you follow through on your gameplay will dictate how the end will actually unfold, and that is where the enjoyment is. Finish it once? Replay and see what could happen across different scenarios.

While this game has a different charm and energy about it, than what you may be used to from MCU and comics, it certainly will not disappoint you one bit!

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Shared PC System Requirements

Call of Duty Vanguard

The next game to look forward to is the Call of Duty Vanguard edition. This game is yet a couple of weeks away from its grand reveal, yet what we can tell you is, it will take you back to the historical past of WW2. You will be exploring the separate stories of four soldiers in the gameplay, who happen to be true stories of real-life people. While visually it is probably one of the best games ever made from COD, it could mean the past histories and vision of the terrible war which killed so many, to be even more visceral and life-like. This game can be yours to take home from November 5, 2021.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Skyrim has decided to release a celebratory game, as an anniversary special to their first-ever game installment 10 years ago. Launching on PS5 for the first time ever, you will be able to try out over 500 and more elements for the Creation Club. In addition to this, there are additional new features that you can engage within your gaming, including the fishing mode, the survival mode, and mission complexes with one of them named the Saints and Seducers mission.

Can we expect great things from this game graphically? The answer is of course yes. Can this game surpass past and previous editions on PS4 and other consoles? That is for you to find out on November 11, 2021.

Little Devil Inside

Coming to you from Neostream Interactive, this game is yet to be announced for released. Yet many believe it will definitely be before Christmas, as what marketing scheme would not time it around the year of gifting and surplus in-game purchases? Based on the old title released in 2015, you will move forward five years, where your gaming is set in a Victorian era. While the trailer showcases multiple magical monsters, there was also a sneak peek at the combat features and elements that this game will bring to gamers. The best thing about this game release is, not too much has been given away. Just enough to tease some suspense!

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