Upcoming Wheel of Fate RPG will use AI to build a custom world

Wheel of Fate

Former BioWare developer Miles Holmes is banking on his innovative take on the RPG genre with this week’s announcement of Wheel of Fate. The game will utilize artificial intelligence to create a custom game world for players that will be tailored to their choices.

The AI system is called the Active Response Battle System that features “billions of gear combinations, craftable items and weapons, fort-building elements, and more story/environments”. Each of these takes advantage of the AI tool “to explore endless possibilities for a player’s journey”.

Holmes, a veteran of BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 team, wrote, “Our team implemented machine learning to analyze each player’s moves, skills, choices, weapons, items, and more and be able to come up with ways to either support that into the story or even combat it. It’s really an unprecedented approach.”

Holmes will be taking his game to KickStarter to raise funds to complete development. The crowdfunding initiative is expected to kick off on September 9th.

Learn more on the Wheel of Fate official site.

About Wheel of Fate

In the ancient world of Providence, a hero must rise. You have been chosen as its Avatar to embark on a journey where fates collide. Discover a world that changes around you with each spin of the wheel.

The game is a turn-based RPG offering a dynamic gameplay experience. It uses artificial intelligence to facilitate an exciting, rich and fluid world that adapts to your play-style for a personalized experience.

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