Update Aquatic Is Coming To Minecraft Spring 2018

Team Mojang has announced the Update Aquatic for Minecraft. It will come in Spring 2018 and bring with it a whole array of nautical wonders. Prepare to delve into the oceans which will be bigger than ever. The update will add a ton of new features and content, including coral, kelp, multiple types of fish, explorable shipwrecks, underwater physics and much more.

Players can also look forward to a new weapon to defend yourself with in the Update Aquatic – the trident. It can be both used in the melee combat and thrown at enemies at a range as well. You can also enchant it to increase its combat capabilities and use it to your tactical advantage.

From the video description:

Prepare yourself for beautiful coral reefs with kelp and fish. Hitch a ride on a bubble column or go exploring in long-lost shipwrecks on the ocean floor. Fend off sea monsters with your trident and then relax and hang out with some cheerful dolphins. There’s even new and improved water physics!

In addition, the team has also announced free marketplace content to celebrate Minecon Earth, new Minecraft server that’s bringing Death Run mini-game later this year and much more. Nintendo Switch community will receive a new version of Minecraft with cross-platform multiplayer, but it will happen later in 2018.

You can find the full list of content by following the links or watching the video above.

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