An Update on the State of Bioware Reveals Lay Offs

An Update on the State of Bioware Reveals Lay Offs

Developer Bioware shared a new blog post with the latest update on the state of the studio. Sadly, it does not reveal any new information about the studio’s current projects in development such as Dragon Age: Dreadwolf or Mass Effect Next. Instead, it outlines the developer’s approach to reorganization and the decision to lay off approximately 50 people.

Gary McKay, the General Manager of Bioware, proceeds to ensure that these departures will not impact the development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. He continues on with saying that the team remains committed to releasing an outstanding game and building a brighter future.

“We’re excited for all of you to see what we’ve been building with Dreadwolf. A core veteran team led by Mike Gamble continues their pre-production work on the next Mass Effect. Our commitment to quality continues to be our North Star. As cliche as this sounds, there truly is never a good time to enact changes like this, but we trust that we have the right leaders and team in place with vision, passion, and proven track records to deliver world-class Dragon Age and Mass Effect experiences that our fans will love.”

Mary Kirby and Jon Renish are among the developers that got hit by the lay off.

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