Upgrade Quake To 4K 120fps On PlayStation and Xbox

Upgrade Quake To 4K 120fps On PlayStation and Xbox

Quake, the revolutionary FPS from Bethesda is just got something of an upgrade and is now playable at 4K 120fps on PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series S|X

The newest version of Bethesda’s classic FPS Quake is now available and next generation console owners can get blasting now a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade is now available. Announced last night and now available directly via digital storefronts, the next generation upgrade comes to Sony and Microsoft’s newest for free and means gamers who bought the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions of Quake can now head back for more action at an enhanced frame rate and resolution.

This might not be quite the same spectacular upgrade that we’ve seen in some other titles but bearing in mind the history of some other next gen upgrades, it’s safe to say this is welcome news for fans of the long standing shooter. In addition, free upgrades of the title are available to Xbox Game Pass members who have the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S too. Team green don’t get everything, however. PlayStation owners will experience Quake with upgraded DualSense Adaptive Trigger and integrated speaker support allowing you to feel the explosions as you battel through whatever awaits.

Bethesda released a full rundown of the upgrades over on official channels, which you can check out here. PC players will, of course, not be getting an upgraded installer as the desktop iteration of Quake already supports 4K and 120FPS action. Whether your rig is capable of that under the guise of an ailing 180 or worse, is down to the GPU shortage in the end. If you are ready to head back to one of gaming’s most revered and underserved FPS shooters then you can grab Quake over on the Microsoft or PlayStation storefronts now.

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