Upgrade Your Audio game With The Shiit: Hel 2

Schiit: Hel 2

Audio hardware experts Schiit just announced a brand new desktop upgrade for your gaming sessions, the Schiit: Hel 2.

Available right now, the Schiit: Hel 2 is the follow up to the original Schiit: Hel. Designed to bring better clarity, precision, and volume to your listening experience in virtual worlds the Hel bridged the gap between weak and underwhelming audio processing chipsets and the plethora of high end gaming headsets that you could have around your ears. Now, this new high powered DAC/AMP is set to bring a whole extra set of upgrades to any gaming session, along with more power! Building on the success of the Hel, this new box of tricks includes all of the following features:

  • More power: Hel 2 is rated at 1200mW into 32 ohms, 20% more than Hel.
  • More connectivity: Hel 2 adds an optical input, so you can connect it to any TV with an optical output.
  • More compatibility: Hel 2 has built-in UAC2/1 switching, which means it’s now compatible with many gaming consoles like Sony PS4, PS5, and Switch.
  • More modernity: Hel 2 uses USB-C connectors, rather than Hel’s USB-micro.
  • More quality: Hel 2 offers lower noise and higher distortion than Hel.

The team at Schiit aren’t just aiming this upgrade at PC owners who are hording cash while waiting for a reasonably priced graphics card. Built around a core that contains a Boasting an AK4490 DAC and AK5720 ADC and flexible USB connectivity and power ports, the Hel 2 should work well sitting alongside next generation audio processing too.

“The original Hel was really a PC (or Mac) device,” added Standard. “Now, it connects to many consoles, almost all smart TVs, monitors that have an optical output, heck, even CD players. With its integrated preamp output, you can connect to powered monitors or power amps, as well as headphones. It may be the one single box you need for virtually all your audio.”

You can check out more about the Hel 2 and get the full specs over on the Schiit website now.

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