V4 Archer Code Giveaway

V4 Archer Update Giveaway

V4, the cross-platform MMORPG from Nexon, just launched its first new class update and we’ve got a whole bunch of loot to help you level up with our V4 Archer code giveaway.

Thanks to Nexon we’re currently hoarding a cache of codes to celebrate the arrival of the Archer class in V4. Originally launched in July 2020, V4 is a fully-featured cross-platform MMORPG that includes all the same high fidelity fight or flight of a desktop title on both the small and big screen. Now the Archer aims to make this world bow before them as it arrives in V4. Specializing in ranged attacks, the Archer class can do devastating damage with a bow and arrow. With short activation times, an Archer’s attacks can cripple its enemies and as the fastest class of the Syllunas, it’s a tempting new companion to jump into V4 with. Check out the Archer trailer below for a glimpse of this brand new class.

The Loot

If you’re busty forging a new path with the Archer on then you can head below to our giveaway widget and enter your email address to grab some loot and get ahead of the game. Each code contains the following items for Android or PC players:

  • Coupon 1
    Radiant Egg X10
  • Coupon 2
    Radiant Mount Summon X10
  • Coupon 3
    Radiant Mount Summon x 5
    Rare Companion Contract x 5
    Radiant Pet Egg x 5
  • Coupon 4
    Rare Companion Contract x 10

All you have to do to grab a code is enter your email address. There’s no twittering, no coming back, and no extra entries for annoying all your friends. Just aim straight and loot our cold dead corpses. Redemption Instructions are tucked away at the bottom of this post.


Even if you miss out on one of our codes, you can still take this opportunity to level up an Archer. V4 is currently running a series of in-game events that should help you keep up as you hop through dimensional rifts and explore a massive open-world environment. You can check out the full list of in-game events over in our Archer announcement news. Good luck, aim true, and check out v4 across Android, and PC now.


Redemption Instructions

Launch game on Android or PC (please note this doesn’t work on iOS)
Select your character and enter the world
Open Main Menu
Open Settings Menu
Go to the Account tab
Select Register Coupon
Type in code then hit enter
Depending on the item, the reward should appear in your in-game inbox or trade post box

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