V4 MMORPG Launches Today on PC and Mobile

V4, the brand new MMORPG from Nexon is now officially live across the globe, and you can join in the action on PC and mobile phones today.

Nexon’s newest massively multiplayer online RPG just launched across the globe today, inviting players to take on a new adventure and save a brand new land from wherever you are. Players picking up V4 for the first time will find themselves plunged into the realm of Syllunas, a once paradisal land that is now being threatened by demonic forces led by the villainous Guardion and the once-mighty Scoria Knights. Picking from six offensive classes including Enchantress, Slayer, Knight, Warlord, Gunslinger and BoomBlade, players will venture forth and combat the Scoria Knights in an environment powered by Unreal 4.

An Impressive Adventure

Whether you are ready to play on PC, iOS, or Android device, V4 won’t just look impressive across all platforms, but it will hopefully play just as well. While the graphics look just as crisp as Black Desert does on the small screen, there are plenty of ways to play your way. Over 50 customization options, character changes, weapons, armour, and a range of challenges allow players to tackle the renegade Knights their own way. V4 features a variety of action-filled real-time player versus player and player versus environment (PvPvE) experiences, some of which feature in the launch trailer above.

While I’m still intrigued, this seems like a perfect time to jump in and try out this cross-platform fantasy MMO. To celebrate the launch of V4, Nexon has confirmed hat anybody who signed up for pre-registration is now able to log in and claim unique rewards, which include a Limited Edition Mount Costume – Poipong, 100,000 Gold, Area Teleportation Scrolls X15, Lesser Blessing Potions X10, and Gourmet Bento Chests X 200. Even if you missed pre-registration, V4 is a free to play title so there’s not much to lose. You can check out the V4 launch trailer above or head over to the official V4 website and use us as cannon fodder as we dip into this brand new MMO.

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