Valhalla Hills Definitive Edition Release Date Uncovered

Valhalla Hills

Get ready to take a trip to Valhalla Hills thanks to today’s release announcement. The Definitive Edition is coming to both PlayStation 4 and XBox One on April 25th in North America. Europe and other worldwide locations will get their chance on April 28th. The game is already out for PC on Steam.

What’s inside Valhalla Hills Definitive Edition?

Players take the part of Odin’s youngest son already on the defensive since Daddy exiled him. You’ll lead outcast (undead) Vikings through randomly generated maps as well as make a home for them. This includes keeping them fed, protected and equipped. To do so involves influencing rather than controlling your minions. Through your careful guidance, they head out to gather resources and to defend their homes.

The Definitive Edition features include:

  • Build and manage a thriving Viking settlement with over 35 buildings
  • Conquer massive mountainside landscapes and face dangerous foes like Ice Giants, Lava Crawler or Mummies.
  • Play on snow-covered slopes, barren sand dunes, fiery volcanos or in gloomy caves.
  • The console versions include the DLC ‘Sand of the Damned’ and ‘Fire Mountains’, as well as a new exclusive map type – ‘The Dwarf Cave’.
  • Randomly generated maps, day and night cycles and a well-balanced economic system provide endless challenges and variety.

Check out the Steam page or the game’s site to learn more.

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