Valhalla Poster in The Division 2 Was A Complete Coincidence

Valhalla Poster in The Division 2 Was A Complete Coincidence

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has been surrounded by many rumors before its official release last week. Many Ubisoft fans thought that the studio was hinting at the next installment in the popular franchise with an in-game poster easter egg noticed in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 that you can find above. It shows a Norseman in Assassin’s red cape holding the Apple of Eden with the world Valhalla prominently featured at its top.

This find sparked many online discussions and an entire torrent of leaks towards potential AC: Ragnarok many of which turned out false. However, according to Darby McDevitt, Ubisoft Massive did not know about AC: Valhalla (codenamed Kingdom during development) and all of it is a complete coincidence.

“You know what’s crazy about that? That was a complete coincidence,” McDevitt told Stevivor. “It’s just because The Division is made in Sweden, and they just wanted to put some stuff in there. Whoever the artist was, they just wanted to put in some of their Nordic culture. It had nothing to do with us. I don’t even think this game had a name at the time. We always work with a codename, and we always have a few ideas for names. We decide on one eventually, but that was very, very funny. The image that’s in the poster has nothing to do with our game.”

Check out this impressive Reddit list compiling everything we know about the game if you feel like you have missed something!

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