Valkyria Revolution Blasts Into North America for PS 4 & XBox One

Valkyria Revolution has arrived in North America for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One. European players will be able to start the journey later this week on June 30th.

What is Valkyria Revolution

The game is not your typical Valkyria title. Rather than a turn-based strategy game, VR brings a new story and a new world to an “action-oriented stage”. Players will be able to use melee and ranged attacks against the enemy, a big changed from earlier games.

Other features include:

  • a battle system that uses both real-time and tactical elements
  • weapons that can be upgraded along a variety of branches
  • a brand new graphics look thanks to a new engine
  • music composed by the artist being Chrono Trigger

Here is a portion of our review:

Overall Valkyria Revolution is an interesting and fun game, but it does take a while to really get going. The introduction and early chapters are really the low points of the game so if you can make it through those you should be good. I had no real issues with anything in terms of anything not working correctly or performing badly. There are however a lot of loading screens and they can sometimes feel like they take forever, but none were very long. For anyone who enjoys action RPGs with a heavy focus on storytelling, this game will be a winner.

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