Valorant Bans Have Begun

valorant ban hammer

Cheating sucks and it looks like Valornat has already started kicking cheaters as Riot’s beta testing continues.

In a social media post by Valorant’s own banhammer, paul Chamberlin, the programmer confirmed that the team behind this new hero shooter had to hand out their first ban yesterday. In addition to the very first ban for Valorant, the anti-cheat lead also stated that it is likely more bans were on the horizon. With only three days since the closed beta kicked off, it seems that this was more than enough time for the hackers to get into game. This is despite an anti-cheat system that Riot is already running to protect the integrity of their new title and the players testing it out.

This was accompanied by a tweet on the official Valorant Twitter account confirming that Riot has landed the ban hammer on a number of other accounts. Confirming the full extent of the action, the tweet detailed that a range of account sellers and botters have been kicked to free up closed beta spaces for active players.

While Valornat has only been in beta for a few days, the media hype for Riot’s latest has been quite significant. Announced as Project A, Valorant was unveiled to the public earlier this year. The newest experience from Riot is mix of Counter-Strike FPS and Overwatch style hero shooter. With a range of heroes in-game, players can pick a range of different playstyle to take on their opponents as part of a five-player team. Of course, the aim of this is to take out the opposition while playing through a demolition style match mode. Multiple maps, weapons, and special skills all feature as well as an aesthetic that is easily accessible to a range of PC platforms.

This ban is not the only action that is likely to occur so space will continue to free up for anybody interested in signing up for Valorant’s closed beta. To find out more about the game and how to sign up for testing check out the official Valorant website now.


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