Valorant – Episode 4: Act II Kickoff Trailer is Here

Riot Games, the developer of team-based competitive FPS Valorant, shared a new trailer to welcome the arrival of Episode 4 Act. Are you ready to keep up with the Disruption?

Act II is taking a breather on adding a new Agent to the roster of the game, instead tackling areas that were in the need of some extra attention, such as the Yoru rework, Cotroller Agents adjustments and Icebox renovation.

Check out the official site to find out the details of these changes!

The Act II Battlepass contains a collection of popular community memes and themes made into Sprays, titles, and Gun Buddies:

“When planning for this Battlepass, we wanted to create items that would resonate with our global players. So we worked with our regional VALORANT teams to come up with items that reflect their popular local memes, traditions, and callouts. From blasting toxic players with Jett’s “Stop!” spray, taunting your opponents with Raze’s “Hang Loose” spray, or nomming your favorite Mi Goreng noodles—we tried to incorporate a WIDE array of different ideas into our first Community Battlepass.”

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