Valorant – Lunar New Year 2022 Brings the Tigris Skin Line

Valorant - Lunar New Year 2022 Brings the Tigris Skin Line

Riot Games shared a new video for the free-to-play competitive shooter Valorant, outlining Lunar New Year 2022 and the Tigris skin line it brings along as well as a free Lunar Celebration Event Pass.

Valorant is a free-to-play game of precise skill, high stakes, lethal gameplay, and clutch moments that rewards creative gameplay styles. It pits two teams of five against one another with the action taking place across a number of rounds. Each player takes on the role of either an attacker or a defender that is part of a diverse cast of hypernatural, battle-ready agents from real-world cultures and locations. Each one has, of course, his or her own special set of abilities that can be used tactically to each team’s advantage. Check out the official site to find out more.

Valorant is free to download and play right now. Are you ready to defy the limits?

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