Vambrace: Cold Soul Begins A Console Adventure This Month

Vambrace: Cold Soul is about to go on a new adventure with console gamers as it hits Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One at the end of August.

Due to arrive on Nintendo Switch on 29 August and Xbox One on 28 August, Vambrace is a roguelike RPG that aims to give gamers a break from the unrelenting heat of summer. Set amidst an arctic landscape, this story-driven adventure arrives in a world frozen by fear. The King of Shades rules the overworld with the grip of an undead army while the living cowers beneath the tundra. Only Evelia Lyric, bearer of the Aetherbrace can approach the King of Shades powers. As players venture out into the harsh overground, this game presents a wealth of memorable characters, brutal challenges, and deep strategy. The best that the human race has to offer must build parties, quip their warriors, and make the right strategic choices to overthrow the undead.

“inspired by the gothic fantasy of Castlevania, the deep lore of series like The Elder Scrolls, the replayability of roguelites like FTL: Faster Than Light, and the sweeping, character-driven epics of our favorite JRPGs.”


Shoot For The Sky

Vambrace has some lofty goals, and while the game has a dedicated community following its Steam release earlier in 2019, it still only managed a mixed reception. With a new release coming up, Devespresso has listened carefully to player feedback and implemented a wide variety of new updates, all of which are coming to the console version of the game. These updates include the following:

  • Additional character skill upgrades with items.
  • Additional character skills options in combat.
  • Rebalanced enemy encounters, chapter flow, and boss encounters.
  • More monster types to deepen the game’s combat strategy.
  • Reworked UI that displays hireling stats and skills.
  • New items and relics.
  • 3 grades of Bullion Chips which can be sold for gold.
  • A fast-forward option during combat and trap encounters.
  • The addition of Shelters between Neighborhoods for reliable spots to heal your team.
  • The ability to equip and unequip items on the field.
  • Adjustable difficulty levels.
  • A basic New Game + option.
  • Several bug fixes and text updates.

If you are ready for an epic fantasy adventure that’s had a ton of work since launch, and think you are ready to rid the world of winter then Vambrace: Cold Soul will land on the Playstation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Microsoft Store soon. You can find out more about the game at the official website now or check out the trailer above.

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