Vampyr Gets Its Teeth Into Nintendo Switch Today

Get ready to run for your life. Dontnod has just launched its narrative driven action game on the Nintendo Switch.

Following on from an initial release that we rated on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 Vampyr takes players on a journey to a stylized version of 1918 century London for a dark tale. As a newly turned vampire, the late Dr. Jonathan Reid is confronted by a society full of ancient horrors and hidden societies. Down the cobbled alleys of London’s old town, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to save the citizens of the Old Smoke while trying to uncover the truth behind your own condition.

Vampyr gives players the option to be hero or predator as you stalk the shadows. While the blood of innocent Londoners fuels your newly discovered powers, you might doom the city by letting the monster inside loose. Manage your thirst, hunt when required and utilize a range of supernatural abilities to overcome the evil that awaits you in this adventure. While a wide range of weapons and unnatural abilities are on hand to counter foes and take down epic bosses, players can take a stealthy approach and avoid killing entirely. It is up to you how you look after as many as sixty citizens, engage with non-player characters, and pick up clues to the shadowy figures that inflicted this curse upon you.

Designed by the same team that brought us Life is Strange, this chilling tale of life and death is now out on Nintendo’s mobile platform. You can check out more about the title over at the Nintendo eShop where it will set you back $49.99 or local equivalent.Alternatively, just check out the release trailer above for a glimpse of the awesome old town that is your playground.

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