Vanquish Sci-Fi Shooter Unleashed on Steam Alongside New Developer Vlog

SEGA has released Vanquish on Steam. The game is a science fiction action shooter from Platinum Games.

Vanquish on Steam brings a host of goodies

The Steam version of the game brings a ton of awesome things to players including an unlocked framerate as well as resolutions up to 4K.

Players control Sam Gideon, a DARPA agent armed with the Augmented Reaction Suit. If the player takes too much damage, the suit will automatically enter Augmented Reaction mode (AR mode), which slows down time, helping the player to avoid being killed. The player can also manually enter AR mode by holding down the target button while evading, allowing the player to target enemies easily. At any time, the player can use boosters on the suit to move quickly across the area.

Features include:

  • fast action combat complete with boosting, evading, and the “Augmented Reaction” mode
  • melee that changes depending on your loadout
  • huge number of robotic monsters with smart AI
  • beautiful sci-fi locations
  • leaderboards across multiple difficulties

Check out the official Steam page for more information.

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