“Vehicular battle royale” notmycar updated with Season 2

notmycar players — yes, that’s spelled correctly, FYI — can race into the game to check out the latest update that brings a host of new content into the vehicular battle royale game. Players can check out new car classes, the LIGAR supercar, new customization options, improved matchmaking, and work to unlock The Clementine. The Clementine “is inspired by Telltale’s The Walking Dead” and can be unlocked for free through August 2nd.

New cars are the bread and butter of the game and Season 2 is bringing even more vehicles to players. Each car has its own specialties that allow players to find the perfect car for their individual playstyle. Among other, more common, cars, players can check out the LIGAR, “a red-hot, faster-than-lightning supercar”. They can also unlock The Clementine simply by using the name “CLEMENTINE” on the Store redemption interface.

Players will also find bigger, faster, crazier vehicular battles now that up to 40 players can take part in a single match. Add in fast matchmaking, and things are going to get insane on the racetrack.

Check out the game’s Steam page to learn more.

About notmycar

“Notfamiliar? notmycar delivers total vehicular battle royale mayhem, putting you on a massive island battleground where you have to fight for your life at breakneck speeds to outlast the competition and remain the last car standing. Drop, drive and destroy with diesel-powered fury and an arsenal of brutal weapons and abilities. You’ll need a skilled hand on the wheel and the trigger to win the fast-paced, tire-burning chaos.”

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