Vendor Discount in Escape From Tarkov


On May 12, Battle State Games took to twitter with another interesting post. Due to the recent Lighthouse Keeper event that prevented us from using vendors, we now are getting a discount on the vendors. The discount is 30% off.

I believe the devs are just trying to help us out after we had to struggle to donate so much money just to get the vendors back. Now that we don’t have to turn over so much to the Lighthouse Keeper, we will be able to go back to some normalcy.

With these events there is speculation of a wipe coming. Every time Battle State Games messes with the vendor prices and starts event where raiders are everywhere, it is usually only a matter of time. Wipes are highly sought after once we hit the five or six month mark and recently it hit five months since the last wipe.

A lot of people who aren’t streamers have hit a wall with wipe fatigue. Personally I have played it only a few times in the last couple of weeks as I have been trying to catch up on work and game reviews. Wipe fatigue is real, especially with the increased difficulty in getting Kappa, now the patch that has us forbidden to drop certain things to friends we want to play with. It is all something you have to think about.

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