Venom Get Going With New Xbox One Travel Kit

Venom Xbox One Travel Kit

Venom is getting gamers equipped for the latest lockdown lift as they announce a brand new Travel Kit for Xbox One today.

Designed to help bring gamers out of seclusion and on the go, the brand new Xbox One Travel Kit from venom just got its first airing today. The new gaming pack for Xbox players bundles a host of accessories that players on the Microsoft gaming platform will find useful as they get the chance to venture out, or just into another room. Don’t worry though, Venom are not expecting you to turn your Xbox One into a grab and go. Instead, this new set is designed to support players using the upcoming xCloud system to stream your Xbox games on the move.

All the Action, Everywhere

Available at major electronics and gaming retailers on 23 July 2020, the new series of add ons includes 6 different bits of kit all centred around the Xbox One controller. A premium hard case carrier is designed to protect your Xbox One compatible, Elite, Elite 2 or Special edition controller from the bumps and scrapes that can make some of us mildly ashamed to pull out our own sidekick at LAN parties. It also provides enough extra room to carry the rest of the bundled hardware, including a mobile phone controller clamp for the aforementioned Xbox controllers.

Built to let games use their phone to stream xCloud services and still use their physical controller with both hands, the clamp is constructed to be suitable for all phone sizes and screen sizes and should to fit perfectly to the official Xbox controller chassis so as not to interfere with any buttons, controls or other functionality. Alongside the carry case and clamp, players will find a pair of protective Venom branded thumb pads as well as a USB charger to plug in and power up. In the instance that a USB port isn’t free to hook up to, a rechargeable 700Mah battery provides up to 15 hours of gameplay from one full charge.

With games services like xCloud, GeForce Now, Stadia, Rainway, Shadow Desktop, and Parsec getting more and more popular for gamers that need to get going this could be a great solution to leaving the game at home or shelling out for something way more expensive like a Switch or Razer Kishi. The Venom Xbox One Travel kit is available for pre order at major retailers for around £19.99 or local equivalent.


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