Venom Goes Lite With New Switch Accessories

venom Switch Lite

The Switch Lite is nearly upon us and Venom has unveiled a whole heap of newly Switch Lite Accessories to match your mobile needs.

UK Gaming hardware manufacturer Venom has just revealed a new range of gaming add ons for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite. With the release of the new Nintendo device in September, Venom has unveiled four new gaming packs to make sure you can take your Switch Lite on the go.

Screen Protector Kit

The Screen Protector Kit is built around a pair of scratch hard-wearing screen protectors. Made of 9H tempered glass, these are designed to keep scratches off your new Switch Lite and come bundled with two extra screen wipes, one soft screen applicator, and one soft cloth.

Gaming Essentials Kit

Designed as a day one addition to any Switch Lite, the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit provides all-round protection. It includes the aforementioned screen protector and adds a robust EVA case to the pack. This holds plenty of space for the new console, the included stereo earbuds, a pair of silicone thumb grips, and a cleaning cloth.

Pro Gamer Case

The Pro Gamer Case is Venom’s premium way to keep the Nintendo Switch protected on the move. This form-fitting hard shell case covers the Nintendo Switch Light in a single unit, at all times. Just like the previous kits, a screen protector is included. The rest of the Switch Lite comes encased in a hard shell case with integrated handgrips. Similar in design to the Snakebyte Tough:Kit, this version fits the smaller form factor of Nintendo’s newest console and includes space for four games on the back.

AC Mains Power Supply

Unlike the rest of the line up, this accessory is not made to take on the rough and tumble of every day but players who aren’t ready to shell out for something as expensive as the Genki Covert Dock, the AC Mains power supply from Venom will allow Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite owners to grab a quick charge without having to untangle their primary adaptor, for just $15 or local equivalent.

All of these new peripherals are available to pre-order and you can find them over at major online retailers like Amazon. The only exception is the AC Mains Supply which you can get now. To find out more about the new line up from Venom, check out the official website for more details.

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