Vermintide 2 Second Season Beta Begins Next Week

vermintide 2 beta

Vermintide 2, the follow up to the bloody good Vermintide, is about ready to roll into its latest update as the Season 2 Beta begins on 16 December.

Coming to PC next week, the latest season in the world of Vermintide 2 is a massive step for the team at developer Fatshark. Since the launch of the recent Winds of Magic update, the team focused on getting out smaller updates and seems to have resulted in a much better quality of life for adventurers. Now, the End Times and beyond are due to get a whole new slew of content when the next season starts.

Season 2 proper is expected to bring 3 free maps to all Vermintide 2 players as part of the ‘Curse of Drachenfels’ update This includes the Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders map for all players of the game. While the update was expected to go live in December this has been pushed back to give the developers time to crush the Chaos that festers in all code. Now, fans of this Warhammer spin-off can jump in to preview the new season and try to break all the things when the Beta launches next week.

Anybody brave enough to take on these new challenges can expect to find a bunch of content available to play. Players will find the following.

• Revisions to the Weaves (including unranked Quick Play) for Winds of Magic owners.
• Essence distribution changes.
• The first of the Curse of Drachenfels maps, Old Haunts.
• Lohner’s Emporium. Lohner’s Emporium will be a limited experience for the time being as we test out how you interact with currency and look for edge cases in the machinations that bring it all together.

This isn’t everything and only the first chapter of the Curse of Drachenfels update will ready to attack.

When The End Comes

For anybody who hasn’t been to the End Times, Vermintide is a first-person co-op title that puts players in the shoes of a ragtag team of unexpected heroes as they fight their way through the fallout from the first Vermintide title. As a spin-off from the Classic Warhammer franchise, it’s one of the more successful Games Workshop IP to make it to PC and consoles, bringing a mix of whimsy, eye-catching gore, and an understanding of the lore behind this much-loved universe.

Unlike Ubersreik or Winds of Magic, this update is completely free and will not require additional purchases to get going. Adventurers can sign up for the Vermintide 2 beta test at the official website or check out the post to the community on the official Vermintide website. We will get more detail for console combatants on PlayStation and Xbox when it drops too.


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