Vermintide 2 Update Kicks Down The Door To Drachenfels

vermintide 2 update

A Vermintide 2 Update is about to drag players back to Castle Drachenfels when they next log into the multiplayer adventure.

Vermintide 2 is about to extricate itself from the mystical realms of their most recent update and get back to an old haunt with a free update for all players of the Warhammer title. Available to all heroes on PC, and completely free, the Castle Drachenfels map is a timely return to a much-loved location from the original Vermintide title.

This new update marks the beginning of the game’s second season of content and a whole new storyline for the multiplayer title. The Curse of Drachenfels chapter returns players to the area around Drachenfel as citizens of the Grey Mountains begin to go missing. From here, you can imagine how things turn ugly, Skaven ugly, quickly.

While time has moved on in the Vermintide universe, that does not make Castle Drachenfels any more malign. The fortress still stretches up into the sky like a twisted claw and there will be plenty of enemies to take down as developer Fat Shark brings another two chapters to the game this season.

More enemies and encounters mean more loot and cosmetics to try out. The much-dreaded premium cosmetic shop called Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders opens for business with the new 2.1.0 patch. To alleviate any worry players will also find daily and weekly quests as well as a new quick play mode for weaves. With a heap of in-game currency available, it seems there should be at least something of note for everyone to grab out the store. You can experience all the horror of Castle Drachenfels, as well as the new patch details when you next log into Vermintide 2. Alternatively, you can grab the patch notes for the Vermintide 2 update over at the official Vermintide 2 website now.


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