Vermintide II Just Dropped New Content For Xbox And PlayStation

Vermintide II Just Dropped New Content For Xbox And PlayStation

Vermintide II just dropped new content for Xbox and PlayStation owners, unleashing the Sister of the Torn career and Chaos Wastes expansion.

For anybody who has already managed to overcome the worst that Vermitide II has to offer, there’s still more to come. Console gamers who happen to have Fatshark’s chaotic multiplayer adventure can head back to the Warhammer universe as two new major additions come to Xbox and PlayStation platforms today.


Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X owners can now grab the new Sister of the Thorn career. After hitting PC earlier this month, the new path for Kerillian has quickly racked up some serious numbers, becoming the most popular choice among Vermintide II players to date. Anybody choosing to become a Sister of the Thorn will find new abilities, weapon types, talent tree, character skin, challenges as well as a new hat and new voice lines. Focusing on support, this new option should prove as invaluable on Xbox as it has on PC.

PlayStation Updates



Team Blue get their own update today too, adding the Chaos Wastes to Vermintide 2. Already available on PC, the Chaos Wastes is the latest expansion for Vermintide II. Available as a free download, it introduces an unpredictable region scarred by chaos. Leaving all the niceties they’ve accumulated on their adventures at the gate, only the strongest of souls will survive a perilous journey with only their wits and some basic equipment to hand.
Rewards are, however, available for players looking to venture into this region. Pilgrim’s Coins can be collected and swapped for favor or weapons while on the path. Chests hold all manner of shiny things, and Waystone Altars might very well give over some powerful weapons. That’s not all that is on offer and the most important gods are not forgotten. Chaos Wastes also includes full Twitch integration, meaning the viewing public can steer your victory or demise as they see fit. It’s a cruel world.

You can check out more about the new Vermintide II updates on the official website now, or grab all the content on PC.

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