Video Game Addiction – Treatment, Symptoms, and Causes

Video Games

Everyone, who has ever played video games, knows how addictive they may be. But, how to identify that point where addiction becomes as real as ever?

What Is Video Game Addiction?

This type of addiction is no better than those that you might already know about.  There are millions of gamers all around the world, but approximately around 4% struggle with this gaming disorder. And as stated by Sbobet, it seems like a big deal, the number is constantly growing as more and more people become too attached to virtual reality.

What determines a video game addiction, is the direct way it affects everyday chores and the life of gamers. Whenever you start noticing how you postpone your tasks and try to slip away from your problems by gaming, this may be a red flag.

What Causes It?

Some understand and some don’t that the nature of video games is addictive by itself, otherwise, how would you keep someone playing if the game is boring? Designers do their best to provide you with the best gaming experience, so you decide whether to blame them or not.

The exact thing that makes your brain addicted to video games is the release of dopamine that is caused by gaming. Similar effects various slot games have an example of which can be found on Gclub Grand. Every time you start a new game your brain is already looking forward to winning and this feeling of enthusiasm and motivation is caused by high dopamine levels.

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The Warning Signs and Effects of Gambling Addiction

The list of warning signs can wary a lot, but here are the ones that are commonly met:

  • Change of priorities. Every person has a to-do list during the day, school, or work, some relationships to actively participate in – and if it all passes to number two on the list of priorities and video games are put first, it’s time to bring in some changes.
  • Withdrawal from social activities and interaction
  • Uncontrolled amount of time spent gaming
  • Signs of frequent irritability, anxiety, and depression

How to Test for a Video Game Addiction

First of all, pay attention to the signs listed in the previous paragraph. If they are present, then you or whoever you are concerned about, have most likely already developed the addiction. You can also find an online test that would show how prone to video game addiction you are, so don’t hesitate to take action. Addiction is treated most productively at its early stages.

How to Treat an Addicted person

Many psychologists deal with the problem of addiction and are always ready to help. Therapy is one of the best ways to return control over your normal life and treat addiction. You should also minimize the use of all sources of video games and concentrate more on what used to bring you joy before you noticed the signs of addiction. Return to your previous hobbies or find new ones, communicate with your friends and family more, and just keep yourself busy with pleasant things.

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