Virtual Reality RPG A Township Tale Announced

Alta has announced a brand new VR RPG called A Township Tale. The game will be compatible with both Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2 will be launching on July 15, 2021 for $9.99. Players will also receive their own server and 1,000 Talems (in-game currency) used to purchase cosmetic items for characters.

The game sends players into a virtual medieval open world where they group with up to eight friends to craft equipment used along the journey to explore the game world. Players can become master professionals across a number of jobs including blacksmith, woodcutter, miner, archer, or warrior. Exploration of the world yields items used in crafting better and more powerful gear or items that can improve existing gear.

Features include:

  • Physical Crafting Professions – Adopt roles and operate physical tools and stations, maximizing the spatial range of VR controls.
  • Leveling – Level up in specialized professions to unlock abilities in crafting and combat.
  • Online Multiplayer – Join each other on the adventure and level up different skills to form a unique party.
  • Personal Server – Oculus Quest players can start their own cloud-hosted server with an eight concurrent player limit.  (NOTE: PC and Quest will not yet feature cross-play at launch.)

Check out the official site of A Township Tale to learn more.

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