Vitamin Connection Coming To Nintendo Switch

Vitamin Connection

Get ready to bust bacteria! Indie developer WayForward has just announced the upcoming release of Vitamin Connection for Nintendo Switch consoles.

Family Fun

The team responsible for unleashing the awesome Shantae series on the general public has unveiled a new bacteria busting title for Nintendos mobile console. Vitamin Connection is a one or two-player title that cooperative action game for the Nintendo Switch. It takes players and puts them in charge of a minuscule Capsule Ship. Playing as either Vita-Boy or Mina-Girl, players battle evil bacteria from inside living organisms using a range of tools at their disposal. Bacteria can be eliminated using the Vitamin Beam and using a special claw tool. The Capsule Ship must navigate the maze-like innards of the game’s Sable family in order to save them from an increasingly wacky series of predicaments.

The game’s vitamin D soaked visuals are joined by a range of upbeat mini-games to test players in their quest. Precision navigation, rhythmic action, and more make for a game that has plenty for both you and a co-pilot. Vitamin Connection features an asymmetrical local two-player co-op mode, in which one player controls the Capsule Ship’s movement and shooting, while the other handles the ship’s rotation and aiming. With the already impressive quality of WayForward’s title, this might be an instant purchase but you’ll need to get your hands dirty for a first-day release. Vitamin Connection will initially be available exclusively as a physical release published by Limited Run Games. The Digital version is due to come sometime later. We, however, do not have the dates or pricing for this release quite yet.

If you are ready to save Mom, Dad, and the dog from the smallest of invaders when Vitamin Connection comes to Nintendo Switch. Until then, you can find out more on the official WayForward blog post detailing this upcoming release.

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