Voez x Shovel Knight DLC Coming To Nintendo Switch

A new Voez x Shovel Knight DLC is about to kick off a crossover for Nintendo Switch players that you’re really going to dig.

Voez, possibly one of the best received musical games on the Nintendo Switch, is getting a new piece of DLC that features the spade wielding adventurer we all know as Shovel Knight. The partnership between Yacht Club Games and Rayark brings the latest update to the well established musical title and features a bunch of content that players of both games should appreciate. Among the many tracks available in the base game, the Voez x Shovel Knight update adds a playable level of Jake Kaufman’s main theme from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. While the addition of a crossover track might seem a little lackluster for a DLC, this new challenge comes completely free of charge to owners of Voez.

One In A Hundred

The Voez x Shovel Kight release adds to the range of over 100 different songs to play through, each with various challenges. The chiptune classic fits in alongside a roster of mostly J-pop, K-pop, and Vocaloid heavy titles that reflect the eastern roots of Voez. Originally released in 2016 on iOS and Android devices, this rhythm game managed a major rework of its systems for full release on the Nintendo Switch. As of now, it remains one of the few tap style titles that players can utilize the Switch touch screen to play. It also remains one of the best regarded musical adventures on the Nintendo handheld hardware.

If you’re looking to pick up the base game or add to your collection while trying out the Voez x Shovel Knight add on then the game is having a sale too. Voez is available for 40% off the base price across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The sale runs until 19th April and also includes a range of other titles developed by Rayark. Check it out or find out more over on the Nintendo eShop now.


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