Voice Activated Thriller Unknown Number Is Coming To PC

Put Down The Controller And Prepare To Talk Through Unknown Number when this inventive new thriller arrives on Pc this year.

There’s plenty to say about indie studio Godolphin Games’ upcoming title, especially since this new adventure is a voice controlled experience. Instead of picking up the controller or going full keyboard warrior, players picking up Unknown Number in the second quarter of 2022 will need to hone their vocal cords as they answer the call from Amanda and Ethan, two eco-warriors conducting a daring heist on an abandoned oil rig. As this narrative unfolds, gamers can expect to discover danger, corruption, and plenty of political intrigue behind a handheld OLED.

Looking like an interesting twist on the found phone genre, the trailer for this unexpected heist gives us a glimpse of what to expect. While navigating a maze like oil rig, anybody looking to get out in one piece will need to solve an array of complex puzzles while imitating the intonations of major oil executives and potentially even tell a few jokes along the way. The interactive story is largely built around some cutting edge voice recognition technology, which the development team use to full effect.

“Voice control is everywhere. And it’s not just Siri and Alexa. These days, even our cars seem desperate to talk to us. But where is voice control in the world of games?” says Creative Director, Thomas Keane. “With Unknown Number, we wanted to create a game that fully explored voice as a core gameplay mechanic. And what better starting point than a mysterious phone call? A phone call that might just save the world… but only if you’ve got the gift of the gab.”

If you’re ready to talk, sing, whisper, and shout your way to saving the planet then maybe take a look at a very different type of mobile game. Find out more on the official Steam Store page now.

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